Hello Linda!
My name is Steve Farina.  I attend the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, home to "The Women of UWEC" swimsuit calendar that raised $6,454 for the American Cancer Society.  I want to thank you on the behalf of volunteers, models, and most importantly, the American Cancer Society for your generous donation of swimsuits from Blue Sky Swimwear last year.  Not only did your involvement in the calendar really excite our models, but gave the calendar a very professional and attractive appearance.  I have received some feedback from people who saw your swimwear in the calendar and visited your Web Site as well.  They mentioned how impressed they were with your extensive line of swimwear and congratulated us in finding "such a great sponsor."
I understand last year's project manager, Andy Landgraf, sent you a couple copies of the calendar.  As Andy's roommate and as the calendar's graphic designer, I hope you were pleased with the results. 
It has almost been a year since we first developed the idea to put our skills to use and make such a large contribution to the American Cancer Society.  As this year's project manager, I would like to inform you that we are once again getting this project underway and hope to make an even larger contribution this year.  All profits from calendar sales will again be donated to the American Cancer Society.  The project will provide participating campus organizations and students with the opportunity to gain real-world business experiences.  Like last year's project, the calendar will highlight each model's achievements and involvement on campus.  Some of our students/models have also expressed interest in including their experiences with cancer and how it has affected their lives.
As our excitement grows to get this project moving along, we would like to ask if Bluesky Swimwear would again be interested in being our major sponsor.  Your donation of swimwear is extremely generous and is a major motivating factor in getting the project underway.  Once again, I would like to thank you for your involvement in last year's calendar, and am looking forward to hearing from you this year.
I am attaching a picture of Andy Landgraf and I from last year's "Relay For Life" (American Cancer Society event), where we presented the American Cancer Society with a large check in the amount of $6,454.
Thank you once again for your time, and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.  Make it a great day!
Steve Farina
2007 Swimsuit Calendar - Project Manager