All our swimsuits are crafted from the Highest Quality European 4 way stretch tricot fabrics available. They meet strict colorfast standards, we also use rubber elastic which is chlorine resistant.   And yet with all this attention to quality standards, Over time and under extreme conditions even our swimwear will eventually fade. The following steps will help to prolong the life of your swimwear.

1. Prior to wearing, rinse with a good swimwear cleaner. Of course we recommend our own, we know it works. This will help set the colors

2.After swimming in the ocean, hot tub or pool rinse the suit as soon as possible in fresh water. When you get home, rinse with a swimsuit cleaner.

3. Try to avoid the contact of tanning lotion and oils on the swimsuit.  Certain lotions can stain the fabric and some can affect the elastic in the suit. Again, after use rinse in fresh water and then swimwear cleaner.

4. When drying your swimsuit, do not lay it on towels or other absorbent materials, it is always better to dry by hanging.



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