How to Choose a Swimsuit for your Body Type


Bathing suit shopping is the bane of most women’s summer shopping. The moment that most women enter the store they are faced with an anxiety that can overcome them, causing the woman to leave the store without finding a bathing suit at all. When it comes to these types of swimwear pieces, there are certain elements which should be taken into account while shopping for your body type.

Here are some hints that can come in handy while finding a swimsuit for your body type:

  • If you are trying to disguise a midsection that you are uncomfortable with, consider wearing a tankini- two piece.  It is much more forgiving than a tight fitting one piece that shows every “roll”. Choose a tankini top that enhances some of your better features and has a slight flair that falls just where your swim bottom starts.
  • A halter top is perfect for those with curves, as it can provide a high level of support. Support is an essential part of the bathing suit, especially for curvy girls. There are many swimsuit designers that have incorporated i underwires into the suit to allow for this support, and the best part is – only you know it is there!

Bold patterns can be chosen for tops of women that have been less fortunate when it comes to curves. Bold patterns and bright colors which can draw the eye upward are great for adding curves where there are none to be found. An especially great top style for this is the bandeau top – which can create the appearance of curves throughout the body.


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